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I use an RME Fireface soundcard and the DIGIcheck software that it has is invaluable for assisting in sound design, mixdown and mastering. Adding Spectrum analysis and Stereo field analysis to Reason would, I'm sure, be a huge help to alot of people.
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Why don't use Ableton Live Lite, like Spectrum Analyzer? Yep, it'll take a few more clicks, but it works cool!
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Originally Posted by AND1 View Post
I like the way propellerhead created the guitar tuner to pop up over any screen you are on.
It would be nice if propellerhead or some one would create a spectrum analyzer, That could function in Such a way.
Propellerhead HELP, I NEED THIS.... WE ALL NEED THIS!!!!! Thank U.
lucky for us, somebody already did it:

with a few tweaks you can even change it into a graphic eq, which
i did by just adding an eq to that great combinator from galxygirl.

downlad here:

and here is a useful drumcombinator i made because i wanted to mix each
sound in the Redrum seperately, i love this one! try it if you like:


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