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At the risk of sounding dismissive or elitist ;-)

All great advice but some of the wording isn't clear IMO. Yea, I'm being picky and have been criticized for this in the past, but my intention is to help folks understand the standard terminology - it's up to you guys to use it or not, but my only goal is to be sure everyone's aware of it.

Originally Posted by gwynebiau View Post
I think you got everything except leaving Reason at 24 bit. If you're dithering to 16 bit with Ozone, that takes the place of the dither checkbox you see when you export from Reason, so you would turn that off (you don't want to add dithering twice).

If you've reduced it to 16 bit in Ozone though, you should export it from Reason at 16 bit too. Otherwise you're just wasting space.
You say "if you've reduced it to 16 bit in Ozone", but Ozone doesn't do any bit reduction. Ozone adds dither at the 16th bit level to the 64 bit floating point signal in Reason. It is then the export stage in Reason where the actual bit reduction takes place. Adding dither is independent from reducing the bit depth - you could theoretically add 16 bit dither to an audio signal Ozone and not reduce the bit depth upon export, though it's not recommend (nor is there any practical application for that workflow IMO).

Originally Posted by smokinjoe45 View Post
The hard and fast rule for dithering is that if you are working in 24 bit for recording and need to export your finished audio file as 16 bit YOU MUST dither. If you're able to remain at 24 bit through the whole process, there is no need for dithering since no noise is introduced. Noise only comes in making dithering necessary when you have to reduce your bandwidth. Hope this helps....
Again a nit pick: Quantization noise (the noise that Dither addressed) only happens when you reduce your BIT DEPTH. Reducing bandwidth would come from changing the sample rate, not the bit depth.

Apologies if this offends, it's certainly not the intention (I'm trying to be even more careful than normal how I say things these days). I'm just putting this out there, and you can smack me down for being overly critical and I'd totally understand it. But if this helps even one person, I'm happy! :-)
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Actually I really appreciate you setting us straight! I'm an amateur, but I'm trying to learn and to help other people understand things, not to spread a bunch of misinformation.

I actually haven't picked up the Ozone Maximizer yet, so I wasn't thinking completely clearly about it, and what you said makes much more sense.

As you said though, just to be clear to anyone else reading, the reason for dithering at the 16 bit level is normally because you intend to export a 16 bit file.

Thanks again, and if I get anything wrong elsewhere, please let me know.

By the way, I'm guessing that you haven't compared the two yourself since you didn't mention it, but do you know if anyone's compared Reason's built-in dithering with the Ozone Maximizer's?
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Rerouting between the master fx and interface is brilliant.

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