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Old 2012-10-26, 16:38
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Is the NNXT more CPU heavy than the NN19?

I dont know it, because of the little CPU meter which indicates... nothing.
BUt I must know it for my decision, to use the NN19 more or just the NNXT in the future!
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Old 2012-10-26, 17:05
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its not the device, its the amount of samples loaded into the device. All the old reason devices barely take up any cpu.
Old 2012-10-26, 18:23
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You're probably better off comparing the features of the devices. If you're sure you won't need any of the extra features from the NN-XT, then as far as I know the NN-19 should be fine and I'd guess it might give you a little less CPU load if you use a lot of them.

If you're not using a huge amount of devices though, I doubt that any CPU load difference between the NN-19 and NN-XT would be noticeable.

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