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Old 2012-10-26, 20:57
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Lightbulb Can I get and extra dongle for both my computers

I am curious and really need two dongles mainly because I use Reason on both my PC and my Laptop, basically one at the rehearsal room and one in the studio. It's quite a pain to remember a dongle when traveling with gear, I forget things and the dongle has been one of them.

My rehearsal room does not have internet access so I can't do it remote when I forget it...

If I can get a second one that would be great!!!

If so where do I go to get it!

Old 2012-10-26, 21:12
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You sure can!
Old 2012-10-26, 21:13
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You can have as many Ignition Keys as you want, but (AFAIK) only one of them can carry the licences at any one time.
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Old 2012-10-26, 21:18
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You can buy a spare but your licence can only be on one dongle at once. You can, I think, use balance as a second dongle but you can't have a clone of your existing dongle. This would allow you to use two versions of the software on separate PC's, which isn't allowed.
You would probably be able to solve the issue by buying a usb 3G internet dongle and using your username and password to sign in with once you get a connection but from my experience you usually pay for a lot of data that you don't get around to using before your pay-as-you-go time expires.
Personally I have my dongle on a chain on my wallet and I only use it while I'm out. I use internet authorisation at home as I can't be arsed to get up and find my wallet most of the time.
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Old 2012-10-26, 21:23
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You could use Balance at home and the Ignition Key in the studio or on the road. Or the other way around. But never simultaneously ...

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