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Add compression and EQ from begun

Until now i always use eq and comp at end when i finish my song. But right now i make new song and i use eq/com. from begun cause before when i use it at end i totally change whole song with freq. and comp and i screw it up. So from now i will use it from begun when i finish it i post result. I do it cause i like to play with sound and freq. from begin . Is it really so crazy or is it ok ?
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are you referring to your master bus effects input?
equalization is the most important dynamic effect - well your most important effect in the entire software. Period. Equalization can eliminate 99% of all the "issues" that all other dynamic effects aim to compensate for in their usage.
SO - you definitely want equalization in every individual track - mastering is its own thing however..
yes mastering involves eq/compression - but not in the same ways that you eq and compress individual sounds like say a kick drum or a bass synth or a fx white noise sweep. In fact you use nearly opposite rules when equalizing/compressing at the master stage than at the design stage for sounds.

One thing to remember - cut thin/boost fat - this pertains to the equalizer Q parameters - when cutting out frequencies, the Q is small and cuts only little bits a time (try to cut no more than 5dB or you lose design dynamics in that frequency spectrum, this is MANDATORY at the mastering eq stage, but less mandatory in the design phase, although something to always be aware of in your signal processing).

Based on your post I am assuming you are in the earlier stages of your audio production journey/education and my .02 suggestion is to eliminate the compressor from your mix bus. until you understand how to even input a compressor with "initial startup parameters" and how to use them effectively, they do nothing but ruin all the hard work you have done each day/night on your mix. I swear to you if you take it off your master, your track will sound fuller and better, assuming you probably dont really know how to employ the use of a compressor properly yet. trust me on this - compensate by dropping the master fader when you export 5-15dB - whatever amount makes sure you have ZERO digital clipping in your mix. DO NOT NOT WORRY ABOUT HOW LOUD THE MIX IS AT THIS STAGE


Your mix down could be whisper level for that matter for sake of example.. Your limiting/amplification processes are a completely separate stage - if you mix down loud with near clipping or clipping, then you can Never eliminate the distortion that ensues, so mix and export quiet, and boost in the master stage with like audacity or something - you can technically in reason, but.. thats debateable.
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@sh7388, thank you for these great tips!! I too am new at this so my question is this... how do I get rid of the clipping? Am I trying to play too many machines at once? I have noticed that the more effects I add clipping goes up, is this true or is it some sort of wiring issue? ANY AND ALL HELP IS APPRECIATED!! ~Zip
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Clipping is unrelated to the number of machines/synths/samples/etc playing at once - if you have too much going on, that would cause disc overload. Clipping is related to the sound signal output of any individual sound signal source (such as a subtractor or drum machine etc) OR the combination of multiple sound signal sources that together cause clipping. Perhaps the same sound source's solo'd or in small groups could emit their outputs without clipping, but when you add multiple sound sources on top of eachother you are dealing with exponential amplification of frequencies as they combine in many cases. SO.. one of two things must ensue to eliminate clipping:

1. Turn down the volume of sound signal(s) that are clipping
2. Re-equalize clipped sound signals to taste until they are no longer clipping

This is the neverending cat and mouse game you are playing as you mix a track - should i cut the bass of sound A and boost its volume? Or should I boost the bass and cut the volume? If its a bassline - cut the bass and boost volume (backwards logically I know) - and if its a mid/lead, chances are you will like the sound better saturated, thus boosting eq freq's and cutting volume if necessary is the way to go.

There are no presets for this and every track will be entirely different, but basic methods are synonymous track to track.

Just remember if you are clipping its causing distortion via too much signal output from a signal source, or sources in combination - either due to combining frequencies (which causes exponential amplification) or due to flat out eliminating headroom via too much volume.

You want as much headroom as possible within reason - this actually creates more presence of your sounds in a mix - if things are turned up too much, then yes they are LOUD but they are also static and their is no headroom to compare the sound against so it actually defeats the purpose - what you want is loud sounds IN RELATION TO THE HEADROOM OF YOUR MIX. So this means sculpting the sound appropriately for filling the "room" in the manner you want it.

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