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Random Glitches with Reason 6.5


Since my last thread I have upgraded to Reason 6.5 and been trying to make a decent sound for my scales application with a mix of Thor and Subtractor. I got quite a nice sound but whenever I listen to it or try to export it there are random glitches such as this one (its a screenshot in Audacity) :

Sometimes, it's there sometimes it isn't, for different notes, never the same.

Does anybody knows what I am doing wrong? I made sure that it never clips.

Maybe I've made a mistake with the mixer? Here are the settings:

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How strange.. I cannot answer your question, but to me -having done much work with signal offsets over the last few days- your waveform appears suspiciously similar to a signal being biased by a subaudible square wave. You said that it is different every time, so perhaps my answer is far from accurate, but that is simply the first thing I thought upon viewing your screenshot. Do you have any others to post?

This intrigues me, so I will be keeping my eye on this thread. I hope that somebody more knowledgeable will come along to help.

Edit: Upon further inspection it occurred to me your signal might also be being inexplicably inverted, as you'll notice that flipping half of the waveform vertically would produce a shape that appears perfectly coherent.

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Thanks for the help!

Your post comes nicely as I was just working on it.

What I did: remove compressor and all effects on mixer.

I have also muted each synth and figured out it comes from subtractor.

I notice there is a low rate LFO, could it be this?

Here is another sample glitch:

Here is the subtractor:

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LFO 1 is pointing to your Osc phase - this LFO will not affect Osc 1 because Osc 1 is set to 'no phase' ( = 0 ). Osc 2 however is set to 'multiply phase' ( = X ) and while the LFO is on free run ramp up you will get a sharp drop which may be where your glitch is coming from.

If you really want to use the LFO speed on your synth sound, then perhaps combine the Subtractor with a Thor, don't route audio from Thor only CV (using Mod matrix on Thor, do source as LFO1, dest = CV out 1, % = 100, set LFO 1 on Thor shape to ramp up, and also set LFO 1 trigger on Key and sync off) to the Subtractor Phase CV in, because then you can use Thor's LFO motion knowing it can be retriggered each time from note presses - Subtractor LFO runs free regardless (I have found though that if you start a track from the beginning and Subtractor LFO sync is ON, the LFO sync *always* start from bar 1, free running starts from Subtractor creation)

Another option is to bounce out the Subtractor notes to audio, or have the Subtractor as a REC SOURCE and create a new Audio track, with input being 'Subtractor' and then record the audio directly, and cut out the sounds you dont want, and replace with ones yo do, avoiding the 'glitch' clipping.

Other than that, maybe change the LFO shape on Subtractor to sine or tri, to smooth the glitching out (will sound different though to ramping so may not be what you're after)

Hope this helps - PM me if you get stuck

PS - also noticed you have your Mod Envelope pointing to FM with a seriously fast envelope and high rate - this might also be influencing louder 'glitches' but may not affect too much the sound because I also noticed you are in retrig note mode, so you probably want this type of sound, minus the glitching

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Thanks for the advices.

That was the LFO, I've dropped the rate and amount totally and the glitches are gone. Lesson learned.

What I was trying to achieve was a "clear" sound which I got on Thor but since the bass range was weak I reinforced it with the Subtractor. I also need the sound to be dry and short because it is for playing on limited hardware.

Thanks for the other tips they will come handy later for my songs.
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Thumbs up

Glad you managed to sort the glitch out
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Yes, thanks, here is the result with a Blues Scale:

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4xThor and 4xSubtractor in the same Combinator

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