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Old 2012-11-01, 15:18
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Smile Random Sample Picker & Preset Generator?


Is it just me or do you all have what seems like millions of (drum) samples / wav or aiff files on your hard drive which you would like to make Redrum drum kits with, or multi layered Kong Kits with, and you just can't be bothered to spend about six months of your life (or a lot more) selecting them one by one, channel by channel, to build your own bespoke sampled kits and saving them as separate Redrum patches or Kong patches?

Well how about a "Pick RANDOM Samples/wavs" Or "Randomise" button?

What if you could specify the directory the samples were in, and the number of samples you wanted to pick, and then clicked a randomise button that would go off and pick say 10 random samples from your directory of say 50 samples and put them in channels 1 to 10 of redrum, and then save the patch as RAND01, RAND02 or whatever?

Maybe it could also "randomise remaining", so that if you liked the first three you could get it to pick the remaining 7.

You could then take a standard GM midi file and randomise the samples that play by selecting and auditioning your new randomly generated presets until you got some amazing combination of drum sounds. Some very happy accidents. Nice kits and brilliant patterns that you couldn't get by selecting them yourself.

Hey, maybe you could even do it with rex slices too. Create random Redrums and Kongs out of Rex loops. That would be cool too.

And the icing on the cake would be that it saves the number of iterations or combinations you specify, allows or disallows duplicate picks (according to user selection) and wraps it all up as a refill for you. How cool would that be?

I have no idea how to get it to do it but it can't be that difficult can it?

I can create a spreadsheet with a list of filenames and get it to jumble them up by channel, but I don't know how to populate a Reason device with random samples or layers. But I bet the Propellerheads do.

The same would apply for populating an NN-XT.

PS you could randomise your substractor, thor and malstrom patches too if there was a button or a script to do so too. Then tweak away to your heart's content. Scanned Synth Pro has a random button.

I know this concept might upset the purists and proper sound designers out there, but why can't we have fun with random noises and samples too?

Views anybody? Good idea? Bad Idea? Please share your thoughts.


Kind regards

Neil (Redronnie1963)

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