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it is not easy to make it sounding like fat analog hardware..
it all sounds very quickly according to plastic.
or it is strange frizzy, digital grinding .. as an mp3 or something like that .. it sounds just plain bad.

and then there are very often these small crackles. Popp and artifacts
that make me go mad sometime.

and saturate as with a summing group is also almost impossible
what I do not like too ..

You really have to be very careful with this program
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yes this program has a mind of its own, but you can definitely make it fat like hardware, jsut requires a lot of layering and fine tuning with eq'ing. alot of my synths end up having like twenty eq's per cuz im cutting and boosting select areas. ALSO.. for a typical bassline midi i have at least 3 synths - even if its predRE or ABL or Antidote - you just cant do only one for the sounds ur going for. subtractor actually can get away with less surprisingly. theres a track that comes to mind in particular by Andrew Bayer who used to be a friend of mine before he went huge, that used only 1 subtractor for the bassline... breathe/recoil i believe
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the subtractor is such a device.
the PH-presets all sound the same .. but it can be much much more

I do not know Andrew Bayer.
Adam Bayer to me is known (drumcode).

and correct. to get color (or room), you need a lot of EQ's
at the moment the UHE-Q is the measure of all things, for me..
the reason M-Class does not coloring the sound as well..
with this EQ I often had the feeling it just destroyed the sound.
make it like an Mp3.. i dont know..
with the hardware in my past I never had a lot of EQ's..
mostly I've used inputs of synthesizers..
i had only one DBX 31 band and an Behringer Tube EQ..
However, my Soundcraft Spirit Studio LE had really ingenious EQ'q..
jesus.. they sounded like cream..

yes, and last night I tried out the echo.
after an hour I went to the basement.
attached two tracks on a USB stick (wet and dry).

then I have the UAD Roland RE-201 and EP-34 Tape Echo Plugin compared with the reason Echo... this was not a good idea

the echo plugin is good. but the other two are much better..

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