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Old 2012-11-03, 19:19
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I'm Cracking Up! - House

Little track I'm working on would love feedback both good and bad and any tips to improve it.

The vocal is me - and I can't sing to save my life, recorded myself and then put it through a Bit Speak RE and a Scream.

Beats are on a Kong and using various sample CD's.

Sub bass if from a Predator RE.

Synth lead and various bleeps and blips are from the Korg polysix Re.

Piano sounding sound is from the new Antidote re.

Am loving the new RE's in reason!

What do you think of the track?

Old 2012-11-03, 19:31
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Great body mover, I love the scratchy wobble sound,
Old 2012-11-03, 19:34
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Join Date: Aug 2003
Posts: 366
Thanks for listening and the comments mate, just had a listen to some of your tracks - some nice sounds in there too bud.
Old 2012-11-03, 21:07
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I like everything except the bassline that comes in at 1:03. For me this song has a nice underground progressive house vibe and the bassline has more of an 80's pop structure that detracts from the progressive vibe. However, the percs and blips and vocals are perfection.
The artist who aims for perfection in everything achieves it in nothing -Eugene Delacroix



Old 2012-11-04, 00:03
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Good solid mix bro.
“Come now, and let us REASON together” Isaiah 1:18

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Old 2012-11-04, 00:58
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Join Date: Aug 2003
Posts: 366
Thanks for the feedback so far - what would you change could you imagine this in a club?
Old 2012-11-04, 12:42
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I'm cracking up. It's gonna be in my head for a while.
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Too many REs to list.
Old 2012-11-04, 14:50
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Yeah, A real catchy track! Nice work Craig!
Old 2012-11-04, 17:29
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Join Date: Aug 2003
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Thanks Master Tony D. & Amalshakur
Old 2012-11-04, 18:02
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Nice and bouncy
New webpage with my music and stuff

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