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Originally Posted by Monkatron View Post

lets not scare the shit out of everyone trying to be the jack of all trades.
Very true!

Sitting on the fence here, while I don't need such a feature myself, I can totally understand why it would be useful for you and soundtrack creators not to have to die of boredom trying to ReWire.

But on the other side of the fence, video playback is by far the biggest tilt towards feature bloat for the product, although after audio recording and plugins seismic shifts aren't exactly unheard of in Sweden! .

Reason would have to support every major codec and it's inbred cousin, and the daily battle to get the latest version of Quicktime and Flash and eventually HTML5 etc Then there are the additional support requirements, and the additional bug fixing and video player updates because the latest version of Quicktime isn't compatible with last weeks version etc). A few bugs always slip past major upgrades and major updates, but in the past two releases I get a feeling there's been more major ones getting through. Sadly this is a natural occurence as programs get bigger - look at Ableton. Fortunately we've not got to that stage here yet, but never say never.

Adding video adds more stuff to break that will never be used by, I suspect, more than a small percentage of users.

So lots of pros and cons to be considered.

Still, I'm all for solutions that do away with having to ReWire ever again. If it can be done cheaply and efficiently, and most important, reliably (perhaps making it an optional "plugin", although I'm not meaning RE here, something more like a video player that would interface with Reason in the same way ReBirth did, or Reason did with Record), Props should probably go for it, but not at the expense of fixes and enhancements to the core Reason workflow.
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I would love to see video support in Reason, but I wouldn't be upset if I never did
My mind is glowing

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This discussion is almost silly 50% of music work that is done for commercials, tv or film is done onto the cut. With soundeffects it's 100% (for obvious reasons). Right now the way to do it is to use a ReWire capable host (like cubase), but it would simply make things easier to have this feature build in.

People argue about something they don't know anything about. It wouldn't take anything away from reason. It simply would add functionality that is usefull for a significant section of professional musicians.

Most people will never notice it's there. All that is needed is the ability to import a video track into the timeline and a window that displays the video. That's it. Syncing problems could be minimized by requiring a codec like "animation". Personally i wouldn't even need any thumbnail view (like in cubase).. i just don't want to switch back and forth between reason and cubase
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I edit TV Commercials from time to time using Pro Tools with Reason slaved. For now, it is easier for me to deal with dialogue and SFX editing in Pro Tools however all of my jingles come out of Reason. I write my jingles around cue points that I've roughly calculated which can dictate tempo etc.

I will then take the stems from Reason, drop them into Pro Tools and massage the jingle audio around the video.

Would I like video in Reason? YES.

Someone mentioned that Props would have to cater to every codec, but that's just not true. All they need is Quick Time capability. Every video editor I know can provide the video in whatever format I need and the reality is that Quick Times are fairly standard.

Incidentally, I never deal with time code anymore so mins/seconds & bars/beats is sufficient enough for me.

With video and ever improving audio capabilities, I would love to work exclusively inside Reason down the road.. For now, I'll keep dreaming of the day!
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Originally Posted by JiggeryPokery View Post
Reason would have to support every major codec and it's inbred cousin, and the daily battle to get the latest version of Quicktime and Flash and eventually HTML5 etc
Just like they support every audio format now, including mp3, right?

There are plenty of video convertors, just like there are plenty of audio convertors.
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YES! Please! Video in reason! So i easily can make musik to movies etc!


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