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Old 2012-11-06, 10:47
DimitrisG DimitrisG is offline
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Wow, I didn’t expect so much flame on me because of this topic!

Two trolls came to say I am boring, others respond like I am RE hater or something....


My conclusion at the moment is (and please don’t hate me I am a nice guy and I love Reason as much as you do)
REs are new to the game and have inferior technology that sets crucial limitations that I must learn to live with. So let’s hope someday soon it would match-up with the VSTs.

As for the VST stability: Some of the VSTs are unstable but the great ones are solid as a rock, personally never had any crash issues.
VSTs also lets you a free 30 day trial period.

Ozone is awesome only for the master bus because every mode (even the soft/hard) has latency. The soft / hard mode is at the limits of acceptable for individual instruments though. So the IRC III wouldn’t be a problem, the latency with IRC I & II is huge anyway.

No doubt Reason needs ‘‘internal delay compensation''.

It feels bad not to have what others have in the VST world. But this is not my fault!
Reason has a great workflow but there are other apps with great workflow too plus the VST support.

If something should be done let it happen quickly, everyone was asking from Proppelheads audio and plugin support in Reason since forever, and it took Reason 6 for the audio and Reason 6.5 for the plugins. Imagine now how Reason would be without audio and RE… doomed

Everyone is asking for midi out and many other things that Reason MUST have and I have the feeling ( maybe I am wrong) Propellerhead listens what wants to listen, walking the way slowly with small steps.

As I said, I love Reason I am a huge fan of it , I will continue to work with Reason. But there are many temptations out there . Propellehead should be aware that many people don’t forgive such weaknesses, for example a missing IRC III button is a big deal for some others.


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