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Radical Piano Features

I love Radical Piano. Wasn't love at first sight, but after saving the first two "can't live without anymore" patches it really grew on my. Made me sell my trusted old Roland rompler.

Something is different from a real piano though: If you press a key very slow, the Radical Piano still produces a sound, whereas a piano (upright or grand) does not produce any sound.

I can compensate that with my Doepfer masterkeyboard, but it would be great to have that in software.

Even better would be if the "open" stings (keys pressed very slowly) would resonate while hitting a different key, but I understand that this would be very difficult to achieve.

Perhaps for the next version of Radical Piano?
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Sorry - I didn't think
Sure that can be fixed with a combinator and the appropriate velocity settings.

But about the resonance of "open" strings is still something I would love to see implemented.
The "Resonance" knob only seems to work with the sustain pedal pressed down, not with keys pressed down.

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