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Old 2011-07-20, 19:22
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Export Reason Essentials compatable file from R6?

I have a few of friends I've shown Reason to recently and have told them there will be a cheaper version (Reason Essentials) available in the coming months, as well as the optional Reason Balance I/O, which they may or may not need. They are drummers and guitar players, not keyboardists and don't have much of a need for synths or other instruments, so at first it would seem that Reason Essentials should have everything that they need (namely the mixer and comp mode). I intend to get Reason 6 when it's released and would like to be able to toss files back and forth between them. The problem is that, as I understand it, files that I create and save with Reason 6 cannot be opened with Reason Essentials at the present time.

I would like to request that Reason 6 have the capability to export files that can be opened by Reason Essentials. Perhaps instruments/devices that are not included with Reason Essentials can simply be "muted" but retain the notation information so that when they toss me the file back with additions/changes, the muted instruments will unmute on my side. Another idea would be for this export to auto-bounce non-Reason-Essential-tracks to audio waveforms within the project so that they can at least hear these devices but not have access to them, and in the interest of keeping file size down the waveform data could be in some lossy compressed format.

Though I suppose short of doing this collaboration would just have to involving bouncing downmixes to one WAV file and just sending that to them, but this would take away their ability to make potential improvements to notation for instruments they do have access to in RE, as well as the mixer.
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Old 2012-11-07, 21:00
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I would like to second this request. I would like to be able to export to the Essentials file format from 6.5, even if it required that only Essentials devices and settings were present in the song file.

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