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Originally Posted by KevWestBeats View Post
I think its very valid you take the DAW out of the equation and go plug in vs plug in. Vst plug ins can do things that RE cannot do or do not do yet. Like sampling for example a lot of vsts can sample or can do very large sample libraries RE cannot do this yet if all you want are synths and fx RE is great I really like the format but its not anywhere near mature as vst is yet. RE is just not there yet that's fact. There are reasons why some things have been removed from ported vsts like some of the fx stuff in Predator not much but a couple to make it work. FXpansion cannot do a lot of their vsts in RE format because the SDK does not allow for it. Plug ins like Diva, Maul, Kontakt, Tremor and Addictive Drums cannot be done in RE yet because it is just not ready. This is why the vst format is still better because RE is not there yet. I used to feel that way about Reason vs vst too I get how you feel and in many cases for most people's needs it is true you can get everything done in Reason but often times because of Reason's own limitations it is harder and slower to do a lot of the time. I am excited to see this format mature but my honest opinion is its not there yet unless you like having a ton of fx.
I guess you brought up some things I hadn't learned about VST's yet.

Well, time will tell about RE tech. I think I'm OK with RE being behind for the time being, it's new. And I'm new to plugins anyway so I don't mind starting with the basics along with it. So I guess that's why I don't care as much. But again, we'll see what happens.

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