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Old 2012-11-13, 23:01
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I could say this :
LOL, that is not right !
to exclude of your comments the personne who did the thread without saying why she or he is doing something wrong is to snob that personne out .
to put a personne that troll around or that just post dumb stuff on ignore list is to snob that personne !

Dont go all crazy on me because I call peoples snob when they acting like that in the first place ,
it's like that story when you spit in the wind .
anyway now it's me who get snob feelings haha
Snob is more an expression that is used to call peoples that ignore others these days and it's never been an insult even if it's a critic that is not nice to ear .

Even if I think you all kind of right with the usual (stop asking 4 this crap) some users got the right to ask for what they whant you all are nothing more the just users just like that personne or me and not mastermind kings of the illuminatis so get real insted of playing smart and taking a simple word that is not even part of any insult as if it was and acting like it's the end off the world when the way you comport yourselfs to new users by playing smart on there thread is just as much insulting to them.
That is my way of looking at this but dont you start thinking I'm insulting anybody here I am just sick of peoples that call the others troll when they come to this very thread to larf at a new users like they are bipolar or something ! and dont say I called you bipolar I did not I'm just saying .

ps : if Snob is an insult in your country well sorry , if snob mean you ignore peoples because you dont care what they say well that is what I was meaning but if you cannot see that it was sayed with humour well then I cannot do anything more then what I just did posting that one here . end!

But I rather just say that some users should check they own way of acting insted of trying to teach something they dont beleive in ! and tuff boys like me fight for what they beleive in .

But it was the same last year, I guess some peoples got there trolling cycles every 12 month maybe I will do the same in a few months like i did this year like almost everybody so lets stop this here because if that forum will burn in flames again I will not stay connected this time once is already too much.

Originally Posted by moneykube View Post
note- I said"by definition , snob sounds like you"and that you were acting like a troll.... I did not say You were a snob, or a troll, or an ass, or a nob.... although I might have thought it. There is no place for name calling here... I said it before and I'll say it again... If that means using the F word to get my point across... so be it.... I'm sorry you were offended... But, you are a tuff boy... No ?
Originally Posted by OMOMs View Post
Originally Posted by TheFatControlleR View Post
Originally Posted by JiggeryPokery View Post
lol, it used to be a lot fun doing a bit of troll baiting, then putting them on "ignore", and their aggressive, exceptional and clever reply is always:

"This message is hidden because this dickhead is on your ignore list".

Of course, these days I try not bait and go straight to ignore. Not always successful, mind... especially when the professional pirates start moaning about dongles again...

It's like gambling !!!
but you get something out the slot everytime you click ! lol


No Respect for the Talion Law , I whant it All !

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