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Originally Posted by fhercasa View Post
At last !!!!

proud owner of best music studio and i got a free audio interface!!!!
well done feels good dose it
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Congrats Fhercasa!
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Originally Posted by wkeever View Post
Sorry for offending you.

To me wrong is wrong, period. Not all share that virtue, I shouldn't assume they do.
It would be great if we could all see the world in absolutist black and white like you do and like I did when I was six years old.
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Congratulations man! Now you can feel confident about what you're doing! Also, cracks are known for bugs and all sorts of other issues. Good job fam!
“Come now, and let us REASON together” Isaiah 1:18

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I'll admit to some rampant piracy back in my student days. It wasn't so much the money per se but the sheer laziness of it all, hardly using the program, or being held back by not having a credit card or whatever. I'm talking about paying for my copy of FastTracker II here which was like $10 about 15 years ago...but yeah excuses excuses smexcuses. There shouldn't be any if it means that much to you.

If you believe something shouldn't be paid for then you should question your dedication to it. I'm not going to judge anyone there -- just think about it that's all. I've been there anyway. I'm not saying you pay for the product to 'feel good' about yourself but that in paying for something it will then drive you to use it properly and perhaps be more passionate -- we always treat with care what came at a higher cost than what came free.

There are also many reasons to go legal and one is that the Internet is full of dodgy compromised software -- which is why I no longer plan to use pirated software. That and also I work as a programmer so I should know how software companies deserve the $$$ they should be getting

P.S. I <3 R6
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Congrats! Enjoy

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Buffre Beat Repeater, RoughRider, ReVolt CV Processor, DCAM EnvShaper,
Etch Red, Re-Tron, Shelob Audio Bypass Splitter, Polysix, ReStereo, bla, bla, bla, ....I got almost everything. LOL
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Originally Posted by JakTheStripper View Post
Your right. Wrong is wrong, period. From this point forward I suggest we implement a '1 size fits all' punishment system for all crimes. Caught jaywalking? Too bad. Wrong is wrong. 3 consecutive life sentences for all crimes: from littering to serial murder!!!

/End sarcasm
Ok you got me. I am a bad person for saying stealing is wrong.
I take it back. Go steal some more. Maybe if we get enough people onboard, we can bankrupt Propellerhead.

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Originally Posted by slackboy72 View Post
It would be great if we could all see the world in absolutist black and white like you do and like I did when I was six years old.
There are some gray areas, but stealing luxury items is not one of them. Sorry.
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Me too, grats on the interface
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Originally Posted by wkeever View Post
Why did you eat 29c packets of noodles to survive?
Why not just steal some filet mignon?
That would be more justifiable than stealing software.

Going legit is just doing what you (and the OP, and everyone else) should've done all along. No congratulations are in order.

That's like saying, I've been beating my wife for 5 years, and I decided to stop today, and then expecting people to pat you on the back. And then bragging about it on a website dedicated to protecting women.

Sorry, if I am too blunt. But threads like this are ridiculous to me.

I was using my legit copy of version 3.0 when version 5 was out because I couldn't afford the upgrade.
It wasn't until 6.0 came out that I had the funds to upgrade. And so I did. If you want to use the software but don't want to pay for it, Reason has provided you with a ridiculously functional demo version. Use that.
It can only be stolen of it was a boxed copy.

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