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My solution for groups in reason

What about a new master section for group effects. Just call it group section, nothing fancy.
Each group section goes into the master section and can allow X amount of combinators to be routed to it. A direct routing system (multiple inputs and one out to master section) to eliminate the need for so many spiders, obviously the master section would need to have 'group inputs' added so that these groups can be fed directly to the master section for the final touches (just under the send/return ports?). Volume faders can still be changed individually and when you're happy with the mix of that particular section you can 'lock all tracks' and the overall volume can be lowered or raised but not individual channels when in lock mode. Also when in lock mode there should be a 'freeze section' button which will make all tracks unavailable for editing and bounce them down into one audio file, which will free up more cpu/dsp usage as these tracks will now be bypassed. This can be quickly undone by clicking edit (next to freeze) which will allow you to edit and bounce the new take onto the same audio track but on a different lane (for quick A/B referencing)
Maybe having FreezeLock would be a better idea, so only once you have added any effects to the master sections sibling, adjusted channel volumes and are ready to have it bounced to audio should you press this which will lock all tracks, bounce it to audio and have that edit button handy just in case you got it wrong. You can still adjust the overall volume of the track on the audio channel.
When the group section combinator is collapsed in the sequencer then all tracks connected to it will also be collapsed, this will help with big project files no doubt.
This would be found under utilities and can be placed anywhere in the rack for easy grouping and without anyone having to sacrifice their workflow/layout. All gain no pain.

This is my idea of a solution to group routing whilst also trying offer some more features that would greatly benefit many users. I can't see how this would be a problem and think it would be a very smooth transition for all reason users, no need for learning how to do something new but just being able to do it because it fits in seamlessly with the rack.
Ps. If any of the propellerheads staff are reading this, I would like to say thankyou for taking the time to read my essay and I hope it was a good read for you. If this gets any consideration and passed along the propellerheads line for serious review then a further thankyou is in order because I know that typing this up was worth it.

That's all folks (y)
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Bump,any thoughts?

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