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Can't wait to see them Thomas! Any chance at a mock-up of my favorite pedal of all time- the ProCo Rat?
Cookie I think you're tame.
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Nom nom nom.

Yes, we're all chomping at the bit to see what Props Re Rack technology might be...

Of course it pre-dates, in trademark terms at least, anything here... but might anyone be along the right lines?

Vintage Keyboard & Guitar ReFills for Reason
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Now that we have Rack Extensions maybe some of these will become real
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please props- let's have a new Matrix !!!

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Originally Posted by JiggeryPokery View Post
The overview thread of highly-desired RRD module design ideas. Add your ideas and pics, including alternatives to any of the ideas below. Remember, four pic post limit, including smileys!

Pic: Dogboy1973

Combinator v3!
Pic: JP

Pic: digthatbeat

Line 6 PodFarm Effects!
Pic: JP
Combinator and line 6- devices looks amazing.

Midi out though needs a way to handle program changes with a patch library. Most new daws fail to implement this. But IMO it is something needed for midi out.
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Looks sick. I guess it just that simple huh.
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Originally Posted by flotzilla View Post
Rotary and knob expander for the Combi. Hopefully the would just add the new controllers to the current programmer, but in case that is not possible, I added CV outs on the back.

The X/Y pad can be automated either by mouse or an appropriate controller if you have one. The X and Y data would have to be recorded to to separate tracks though.

The new buttons and rotaries get added to the current Parameter Automation list (Button 1-12 instead of just Button 1-4).

This would be great as a Rack Extension
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+1 for all !
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I whant JP combinator xl , all these knobs I need !

It's like gambling !!!
but you get something out the slot everytime you click ! lol


No Respect for the Talion Law , I whant it All !

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