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Old 2012-02-18, 01:12
n0ahg n0ahg is offline
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Originally Posted by KevWestBeats View Post
can't that be changed with a simple setting in the power options though?
Erm no

Compare for example
to any of
Old 2012-02-18, 17:21
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Since upgrading to 6, I know it is time in the near future to pass the current dual core to the lady of the house. And, upgrade, reluctantly telling myself, that you never seem to be able to strike a balance between hardware and software compatibility that actually lasts. In the mean time, I survive by bouncing tracks, to reduce the resources required to run multiple combinators, effects, etc. Then closing Reason (saving the original) and Importing the bounced audio tracks into a new session. There's always a work around. Granted, it's extra work, but, doesn't stop you from creating. Good luck with your problem.
Old 2012-06-19, 16:20
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Originally Posted by Mate View Post
cheddargorge26, if you still want to try a play that song, set the CPU Limit to the None in the prefs, but it could hang up your PC!
This worked for me (for the time being at least). Thanks. The problem started when I was scrolling through Alligator patches.

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Old 2012-06-19, 19:26
wjoyce wjoyce is offline
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I know that this is a resurrected thread from Feb, but I've noticed this comes up on 6.5 where the same songs played on 6.0.2 didn't have a problem.
Old 2012-11-16, 01:33
iNsaNEddie iNsaNEddie is offline
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Originally Posted by Mate View Post
cheddargorge26, if you still want to try a play that song, set the CPU Limit to the None in the prefs, but it could hang up your PC!
Same problem I was getting when I first launched program. Thanks for this tip, as of now it is working fine! Thanks!
Old 2012-11-16, 02:59
smhillis smhillis is offline
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Mine is too. Run it at 22khz just to listen to it in Reason, you can always export it at anything you want.
Old 2012-11-16, 08:44
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I have Win7,
Amd FX(tm)-6100 six
Core Processor 3,48 GHZ
RAM 8GB (Kingston DDR3 HyperX 1600MHz)

But sometimes i can also get "System to wlo too run song"
I love to use many automations but sometime it can be better to chose programmed automation throught combinator or "Pulsar" Eco & Delay can also eat your memories. Maybe you dont need to reverb etc to Predator or Thor if they already using eco/delay.. Also make sure to close other program..

Im using Audiobox USB because im using Quadra Alessis that require old MIDI in//out

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