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Disabled access to reason

I sent this message to Props press department a month ago and received no reply.

I would be grateful for anyone to read this thread and offer any views on the subject.

I am a big BIG fan of Reason, but I've just received a reply from Ableton regarding the subject, come on we can't be havin that!!

I am an undergraduate in my final year studying a BA Hons in Music Production at Leeds Metropolitan University, U.K.
Currently I am writing a Report titled, “How Music Technology Can Benefit Children/Adults With Special Educational Needs And Disabilities (SEND)”.

I would be grateful for Propellerheads views and policy’s regarding people with SEND access to your software. I have included an exert from a report commissioned by Youth Music that may provide an insight to the lack of, and need for technology to be designed and implemented for the the use of people with (SEND).

“Ultimately the accessibility and adaptability of music software will vary from product to product and in regard to the type or range of assistive technologies used to help provide access. There are several music programs that offer entry-level musical experiences for SEN/D musicians and complete control via assistive technologies such as switches. These options are often limited in their scope for expressive musical performance or composition and/or lack many of the features that are found in more mainstream musical software. Mainstream software, whilst rich in such functionality, is often not designed with accessibility in mind, something that can render some examples unusable to many musicians.”

In my view the inclusion of a function that allowed access to your software for people with SEND may not be financially beneficial to the company, but may bring other rewards. As this technology is relatively in its infancy (How many years did it take to create the perfect instrument, such as a hand crafted violin?), I believe a forward thinking company such as Propellerhead could seize the opportunity to innovate and lead the way in such technologies, raising the standards that bring long term benefits to people who have difficult lives and limited opportunities.

The need for such technology is not only my view, the U.K. Department for Education also states in their report, “The Importance of Music - The National Plan of Music Education” that,

“It aims for equality of opportunity for all pupils, regardless of race; gender; where they live; their levels of musical talent; parental income; whether they have special educational needs or disabilities; and whether they are looked after children.” (p.09)
“Technology plays an important role in supporting, extending and enhancing the teaching of music. It can help connect communities in ways that rely less on location; be used to inspire, motivate and stretch pupils, including those reluctant to engage with music; help extend musical experiences; and help children with additional needs to further engage in music making. It complements other music teaching, while encouraging wider communication and collaboration with other pupils” (p.36)

And their aim to, “set out types of technology available, and provides examples of how information communication technology, consumer technologies and specialist music software / hardware can be used to support the good teaching of music.” (p.36)

I would be grateful if Propellerhead were to engage with this project and consider the long term benefits such possibilities could bring to the company.

Thanks for your time,

James Corbin

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