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Originally Posted by DJDoctor View Post
Theres actually a really crucial video on YouTube if your sliders and knobs dont work with your Axiom 49 - its hilarious even.

Its Zones. And it can F itself up once in a while. Sounds like ya sorted it out though.
Umm, lol ~ it was Zones, right?? Haha, jus checkin. I have an Axiom 49 and a Axiom 25 that I use live in my band hooked up to Reason. Its actually our guitar players laptop we use that has Reason in it, but its my keys we use and my preset rack with over 45 devices in it we use.

Point being, ive done extensive programming and setting up Axioms and Reason - if Im worth two fuggin cents, I should be able to at least partially answer any questions you might ever have for your Axiom. Theyre great keyboards.

TO CHANGE PATCHES - youve probably already sorted out that ya gotta use Preset 10 on the Axiom right? When a device/instrument is selected, you see your buttons right below your sliders? Try the C and D buttons - im quite confident one of those is the "preset up/down" for the currently selected instrument. Cheers I dont have have an icon. Cuz I dont personally own Reason - yet.
I can't get my Axiom 49 to work with Reason 6.5
Reason picks up the sliders as the play/pause buttons, and doesn't pick up the knobs as anything...

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