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Which Novation Controller

Hi all...

I'm running Reason 4 on my MacBook and I'm thinking about getting a new controller.

I only need 25 keys, but want to have plenty of knobs/buttons/slider. My current controller has loads of keys, but nothing else :/

I've seen some Novation SL and Impulse controllers within my budget.

Which would you suggest? I'm not very clued up with everything so I don't want to get too overwhelmed otherwise I want use it, I just want something that will allow me to have some fun to learn how to use Reason as a Synth. I'm not used to synths I should add.

My other option is to get a Novation Bass Station Synth, but I don't see the point whilst I have Reason 4 to use.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance.

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I have the Novation SLMK2 controller, 25 key. Very good control in my opinion, never had any problems with it, it's automap feature quite literally automatically maps your control to many of reasons devices and parameters for easy control over devices, however some customization would be required if you wanted to get the most out that (which can get quite complicated) but otherwise as a controller it is great, keys are semi weighted, feel pretty good to play, nice visual feedback on the control and feel with the faders knobs and buttons which can all be manually mapped to any parameter on reason, pitch bend and modulation wheel are replaced with a joystick which I prefer more to the traditional wheels on most controllers. Not that bad in size either so good for transporting. Has 2 MIDI OUT ports at the back, also with MIDI IN and THRU, aswell as jacks for expression and sustain pedals. The controller is USB powered and can also be powered by an adapter.
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i wouldnt recommend the impulse. never really played one, but ive heard lots of bad things on the web. Th SLs are pretty nice, aside from Automap being nonRE compatible, unless you build custom maps.

Having a BassStation could be pretty hot too. Relying on software for a sound module is never 100% reliable, having a controller that just sings on its own is always a backup plan.
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what about a hardware synth that also do controller? if you like the idear get a mininova !

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just get the Novation Nocturn if you already have a keyboard, it works like a charm and the automap technology is great!

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