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Old 2012-11-08, 22:02
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I just asked NI pre sales for FM8
Need a real DX7 clone in Reason

Old 2012-11-08, 23:59
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Seeing is believing

If I see one more compression RE I am going to explode! M/S is the new thing. But without a visual your brain can melt. Sometimes music and visuals are one in the same. Ever like a song more after you've seen it live or a video performance? Get with it Prop and hook us with an RE with visuals on the EQ curve and the damage being done by the processing....
Old 2012-11-09, 13:24
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Question to Sonic Charge:
Will you be launching µTonic for Reason too in the foreseeable future?

Response from Sonic Charge:
No, sorry, the current RE platform does not support what we would like to achieve if we were to bring MicroTonic into Reason. As we have no control over the platform development we cannot say if or when it will be possible.
Old 2012-11-09, 14:12
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Tone2 Gladiator
Image Line Harmor

Antares Harmony Engine
Antares Autotune
MusicLab RealGuitar
Old 2012-11-09, 14:17
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Camel audio anyone?

Crusher and Alchemy hmmmmm

Loading SoundCloud…
Old 2012-11-15, 08:54
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Very cool to read this list of wants 8 months later, only to find that some of the company's approached have in fact released their instruments/effects in the RE format. Also that some of the types of RE's requested have been created by developers previously unknown to me.
Old 2012-11-17, 18:11
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my two-cents for RE wants!

Dimension Pro
ANYTHING Korg related
uTonic - I see from an earlier post the Reason SDK not up to job for them?

Given that the companies who produce these have already released REs of some sort gives me hope

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