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Old 2012-11-17, 18:39
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Yes. it is the wrong upgrade....

The one you have bought is for Adapted and Limited - but it will also cover Essentials when it is bought on its on, not Essentials with Balance.

The two versions of Essentials are exactly the same, but the Registration Code is different. This code defines what upgrades are accepted.

As you bought Balance with Essentials, you need the other upgrade.
Old 2012-11-18, 00:42
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After looking and researching I think I know what the problem is. The product was sold in stores as upgrade essentials, adapted and limited factory because the labeling says so (see attached photograph). However, when you open it and register it only possible for adapted and limited (I have essentials)
*** If that's the problem, I would know how to fix it. I hope soon to make contact with the company. Greetings and thanks for your help.
You can think of it this way...

Propellerhead sells 2 "versions" of Essentials...

one comes with an ignition key, costs $129, and $329 to upgrade

the other comes with a Balance, costs $449, and $169 to upgrade

The serial numbers are different, and you have to purchase the "correct" version for your serial number.

In this case, you bought the upgrade that works for the $129 Essentials + ignition key, and it wont' work with the Essentials + Balance.

If you want to see this in action further, try to buy the upgrade through the Propellerhead store. The store detects which version of Essentials that you have registered, and it will not let you add the wrong version to your cart.

My suggestion here is to return the software to the vendor for a refund, and then purchase the correct version. If they won't accept it in return for being opened, then do a charge back on your credit card, since you can't register the software anyways (ie, they should let you return it...).

As for Propellerhead taking so long, contact them again. I contacted them for something and got a late reply because their spam filter flagged my email, so it may be something similar.
Old 2012-11-18, 02:32
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Originally Posted by bruceb View Post
A week is a long time to wait and hear nothing from any company if you've bought their stuff - even if its the wrong stuff.
Utterly, totally and completely.

I see some of you trying to be nice here.

Fact is, a week IS too long.

I know what its like monitoring a TON of international emails to a company in a single day at work.

It is possible.
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Old 2012-11-18, 03:11
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thanks for your time and answers. you helped me to understand where the problem was fixed soon ... I hope. thank you very much.
Old 2012-11-18, 21:07
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good luck to you

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