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Im not going to get into it with you people on this site. If u have no constructive points to give, dove give any input. Please go boggle some other forum. No one has to explain anything to u about what they think is just. Leave.
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I rather liked that piece. There's nothing wrong with staying far away from the bubblegum factory with creation. But: Pink ... well. She's pretty offbeat and cool as well. Nice job with those over-reverbed but well placed drums. The track has a very laidback feel to it. I see myself enjoying that at the end of a night of furious drinking ... and I'd still enjoy it.
Old 2012-11-19, 18:19
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You cant please everyone!
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Originally Posted by snowrideit View Post
You cant please everyone!
Aint that the truth!!! thx for the kind words also. Its been a long road.
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the saturated gritty feel of this track is great.
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I thought I was the only one for a min there. Its that classic grit we all love from the 90's. thx!
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Great track man. Some soul in there. I wanted to rap on it from the start.
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I like it Soul!
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I would say that this i a pretty nice groove
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