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Well, i guess you are right, the word ''rape'' suggest abusive negativity. Its a common expression if you what to point out that something is better than the other. I should have used another word though. My apologies on that because I truly don't hate Antidote.

I do believe its overpriced for its abilities. Some Thors in combinators can make any of its sounds and this is not an abusive negativity, is only the conclusion of my two days comparison I did with Thor against Antidote, if this sounds negative then is bad news for Synapse audio not for you unless they pay you with free products and you wanna desperately promote them.

You could tell that I used many Thors to win Anti ...yes that's true, One Antidote has fatter multi osc sound than one Thor, mainly because its ability to spread the detune effect in the stereo field. But two Thors with some detune and three multi osc loaded in both, hard left , hard rigth is a pure winner for my taste, the sound is more define so you can manipulate it easier. You can colorize a clean sound but you will never clean up a colorized sound. So thats why Thor for me is better even though Anti has some few unique charactericts that dont worth this price level. This also answers you the sound quality argument.

As I see it : If Anti worth 120 euros then Thor should worth 1200 euros. I don't think Thor worth 1200 euros so neither Anti worth 120.

A 40 euro price level would be cool for Anti. Anyway...I wouldn't buying it either at that price level.

Believe what you like I don't really care! I just wanted to say that you can do anything that Anti does with Thors so that's why Anti is an overpriced device. And if you are not biased you would agree with that....

People who bought it will not like this statement and probably want to attack me, that's ok, I am hoping these comments to be considered from others that are ready to buy it.

Think twice people & do some real testing with comparisons.


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