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I have Antidote and the Korg Poly6 and am finding that I use these pretty seemlessly in my production alongside Thor.

In my opinion (i.e. based on what my ears tell me), they each have their strengths and weaknesses so far as sound and texture.

By combining them I'm finding I get richer results overall vs. leaning on only one or two devices in Reason alone. I also normally have a sound in my head that I'm after. For me it's reached a point where I know which unit is going to get me there. I still love Subtractor and sometimes that old box is the solution!

In some cases Thor might get me there eventually, but for some sounds I know Antidote will just get me there faster. Also, there is something rich and retro to the sound on this thing that at least right now I can't get enough of!

Also, I don't think that making the choice to use these tools has much to do with how rich you are. All of these tools are relatively cheap. You budget for them based on your need and workflow.

And by all means, test them first in order to make an informed decision. That's what the 30 day free trial is for!

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