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Originally Posted by selig View Post

How about this:

Before v6.5:
"Zero - why would you even want to change the lightbulb, Reason already has all the lightbulbs you need built in!"

Post v6.5, the number may be infinite, but include the following:
One to tell you how much better the new lightbulbs are compared to the old ones,
One to remind you that you don't need to change the lightbulb because you can already do everything you need with the old lightbulbs,
One to tell you the new lightbulbs aren't as efficient as every other lightbulb,
One to tell you the new lightbulbs are grossly overpriced,
One to tell you that we don't need any more blue lightbulbs, we need red ones,
One to directly contradict want the previous person said,
One to tell you about all the new lightbulbs that might be coming out soon,
One to create a list of all the current lightbulb choices,
One to create a poll asking which new lightbulbs would you like to see,
One to create a poll asking if you're tired of polls about lightbulbs,
One to tell you you're using the lightbulb wrong,
One to remind you a poor electrician blames the lightbulb,
One to tell you that brand X lightbulbs should be allowed in Reason,
One to draw a picture of how the new lightbulb SHOULD have looked,
One to tell you why a certain feature can't be added to the current lightbulb,
One to complain about how you are punished by the current lightbulb license,
One to complain about the process of purchasing lightbulbs,
One to complain that 30 days isn't enough time to properly evaluate new lightbulbs,
One to come back and remind you that the new lightbulbs are STILL not efficient as other lightbulbs,
One to remind you that you are comparing apples to lightbulbs,
One to create a post every time there's a new lightbulb in the shop,
One to ask you to compare the new lightbulbs to the old ones,
One to point out that we still can't group lightbulbs properly,
One to post a picture they took using only Reason lightbulbs,
One to admit they haven't even tried any of the new lightbulbs and don't plan to,
One to point out that you don't actually own the lightbulb and can't re-sell it,
And one to insist that the only thing missing is the ability to send power out of Reason to external lightbulbs.

OK, that's all I got… anything I missed? ;-)
One to come in and claim he is a true lightbulb technician, and everyone else is just a bedroom electrician, and how the new lightbulbs take up way more energy than older model florescent lightbulbs, and how one room can't possibly support 60 new lightbulbs.
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