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The dongle is a minor irritation. If your new to Reason its nice to know you're buying into something that cannot be pirated, which IMO gives more weight to your purchase, along with all the benefits of being a registered user of course. The Rack Extension / Authorizing / Licensing aspect can be a bit of a hurdle for people. There are guides to show you how this works, and mostly I've found its a completely painless process.

Best advice, as people have said, is to download the demo & give it a whirl
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Originally Posted by dreampolice View Post

ok and to the guy whos friend lost his dongle before a gig, just click demo mode and go to town. No need to save a live set. Not sure the issue there.
The issue is, in demo mode Reason does not let me open .rns files -- only create and save new projects.

All the sounds and songs that I use when gigging are .rns files.
No dongle, no .rns files. No .rns files... no gig!

Let me know if I have completely missed something here. (That would be great.)

Apart from that, I very much agree with the points made by dreampolice.
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Originally Posted by sagana33
All the sounds and songs that I use when gigging are .rns files.
No dongle, no .rns files. No .rns files... no gig!
Reason 6/6.5 will still open .rns files in demo mode, but of course you can't save in this format. Just open Reason, and drag & drop the .rns file onto it.

Another option is to build your instruments as combinator patches, as you can still open .cmb patches in demo mode.

IMO, the dongle should be done away with, and let the codemeter software handle it, since it's running anyways.

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