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Red face nanoKey2; How to geit it working?

Hey folks, I'm new to Reason Essentials and have a Korg nanokey2 in one USB port and balance in another.
On windows 7, the nanoKey2 is displayed in devices and printers.

In Essentials I'm going to Edit>preferences>control surfaces, it dosen't auto detect.
When I try to manually add, I get as far as: Add>Korg>nanoKey2>with in Port and out port showing Not selected, I press Find, get a message to press a key or move a control on the device, and that's it, nothing happens.

Has anyone got a nanoKey2 working? I've seen a you tube vid of some folk using it but unfortunately the only advice for getting it to work is what I've listed above.

Any help greatly appreciated.

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I have one working alright! Reason just searched and found mine? Windows 7 should pick it up automatically, But go to :Edit/preferences/control surfaces and click the autodetect surfaces, (assuming that you haven't done this before) and it should pick it up automagically!!!
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Thanks for the reply Mal9000,

I've tried everything I can find to do, including your advice and have decided to just send it back for refund; maybe the unit is just borked, who knows. 'Return to sender' is playing now.


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