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Hi Marc,

Here my responses (for what they are worth )

1) I'm not sure what you mean by this I'm afraid, maybe you mean a sort of "quick dial" function for Reason files? Not sure, maybe you could expand a bit on this for my benefit but no hassle if not

2) I agree! Before Reason 4, automation was done differently, either by free drawing tool or by blocks. I really liked that and I would like to see this as optional automation feature again. Of course it’s still possible to automate by blocks, however it’s not as straight forward anymore I find.

3) It's true that currently I require a third party software to do MP3 export which is OK but not ideal. Plus it cost me extra money so I would not have been against a MP3 export functionality in Reason before I bought that other software. Could have saved me 25,- bucks

PS: free MP3 converters are available aplenty, however it is still possible to stumble upon one that uses old/outdated MP3 conversion algorithms. So you need to be careful what you get. A Reason integrated MP3 export functionality would circumvent this.

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