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Old 2012-11-22, 16:41
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MIDI sent through the Advanced MIDI device (where you can assign 16 channels of 4 MIDI ports to a device) bypass the Sequencer (and the Remote layer) i.e. MIDI is sent directly to the device like it would happen if you connect a MIDI output source into a MIDI receiving device in the hardware world.

The only way to record MIDI into the Sequencer is to use the Remote layer i.e. Lock controllers to devices and/or use the current targeted Sequencer Track/Device.

So... to record multiple MIDI sources, Reason needs a Controller per source. That's easy if you have 4 controllers, right?

One way to fake multi-controllers using MIDI Channels is to use virtual MIDI ports (like MIDI-OX in Windows) and MIDI Channel filtering i.e. send the same MIDI controller to (in your case) 4 MIDI Virtual Ports only letting through a specific MIDI Channel for each of those "cloned" MIDI streams.

This way, 1 physical controller or MIDI port can be presented to Reason as if it was 4 virtual MIDI Controllers and that's what you need to add in Reason, 4 Controllers of the same type (brand model) that only you know are the same physical device but Reason will think they are 4 (each with its own MIDI Channel).

This will work if the Reason Remote Codec for that controller is Channel agnostic (ignores the Channel information).

I used to do this with an M-Audio Axiom 61, where Faders would send on Ch16, Pads on Ch10 and the rest on Ch01, then on MIDI-OX the Axiom OUT out go to virtual MIDI ports 1 (with a filter only letting Ch01 pass), 2 (only Ch10) and 3 (only Ch16 would go through this one). Then, in Reason I would add 3 M-Audio Axiom 61 surfaces, each named Keyboard (connected to port 1), Pads (on port 2) and Faders (on port 3)

This would allow me to use Keyboard as the master keyb, Pads I would lock to a Kong and Faders would be locked to the Main mixer.

I hope this helps
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