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Old 2012-11-21, 00:19
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Yep, i see so many people asking for ReCycle integration in the next Reason.
In my opinion, the pros and cons for Propellerhead:


-. Focus on the development of 1 single product, Reason.

-. More sales of Reason from people who actually were only intend to buy ReCycle ( = more revenue).

-. Reason software will be a real beast for producers of all kind, without limitations (except VST and MIDI Out LOL).


-. Possible lost of (i think only a few) people who were looking for ReCycle but find Reason too expensive (Reason is twice the cost of ReCycle).
Old 2012-11-22, 23:49
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thing is you could leave recycle as it is. simple, basic,separate, over priced. offer a reduced/free upgrade to people that already own it, and just chuck it into a .5 update for reason. obvious;y there will be work to go into the reason end and they should get paid for it, but leaving it out because no one can figure out how to fit it into the business model? what are we in this for? thats like us trying to figure out how to feed the poor when the rich can eat all the food we produce anyway!

it at least needs to be an actual editor, if its to ba a stand alone, with some kind of time stretch capability so you can drop a sample in there and do everything you need to do to it in recycle.

the pro's outweigh the cons all over the place. the work flow at the moment is moronic.
Old 2013-03-16, 21:40
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All I gotta say now is THANKS to Props for listening!! I can't wait for the Update

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