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Old 2012-11-23, 00:19
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Talking IT WORKS! 4x Kong and Keys on my 1 MPK61 recordable!!!

Thanks 1000 times Koshdukai for your fabulous insight!

I found an really good program for mac osx called:

MIDI PATCHBAY and is a free download.


Keep the program running while using Reason otherwise the "virtual environment"
will drop dead. just tuck it away under your nice warm cosy dock and keep the file open!
And save your file otherwise you will have to set it up again & again & again...

It divided my port 1 into 5 so called "patches" and from here you can route
Port 1 into 5 virtual Ports with their own settings.

In the Midi output button you have to make 5 different "channels" as well.
Call them obvious names otherwise it gets a mess!

I called them testport 2 Bank A, Testport 3 Bank B, ect.

You really need to make 5 patches to get this to work.
After this you need to set up in every patch which Midi Channel you want to work,
on the right side of the interface.

Padbank A = channel 2, B = channel 3, C = channel 4, D= channel 5.

!1 patch can send trough everything and of course you still can choose port 1
from your MPK in the surface preferences in Reason later
This is for the keys, buttons, faders, the extras.

My padbank A = 2a, B = 3a, C=4a, D=5a!

I've made 5 surfaces in the preferences on the control surfaces tab,
and called them Bank A, B, C, D and "Keys".
After that you have to assign the designated virtual output port into the new made control
surface on the "in-port". (click on "edit" after that you get another pop up to fill in).
That's why the names need to be clear as ice!

Out port is not that interesting for this moment and you can say it gets nothing at all.
Very important: don't make any of the Banks "master keyboard" and separate them.
You can make the first surface "keys" as masterkeyboard.
Otherwise the control program (fader, knobs) will stay on the selected device.

I left my Bus A on port 1 and Bus B on port 2 in the preferences / advanced tab.
But I didn't use the Hardware interface AT ALL!

In a program called Vyzex I edited my pads on the right notes:

The first note of the Kong padbank is 36 Bank A channel 2a.
As seen from left under to right.

The second pad is note 37 channel 2a.

You have to do this for every single pad!

Remember that B = 3 C = 4 D = 5 midi channel.

Open 4 Kongs; assign them to the Virtual Port - Control Surfaces - Port in - Virtual Port out
route with surface lock (right click on the track or options / surface locking).

If done correctly you will be able to "record arm" every Kong, play them, change you pad bank on the MPK and...
HAVE 4 KONGS to play your sounds ! ! ! ! (and record them at he same time of course ;P)
And play the keys for instance on a combinator. (And record them... of course).


Gear: Akai MPK61/ Mac Book Pro 13" 2010 / Mbox2/ Audi Technica microphone.

Note to Developers:

We can put a man on the moon, swim like fish in the sea and dive really deep for 3 weeks
underneath the ice of The North Pole...
But why did you gave me such a hard time figure this out?
Why isn't there a possible way doing it natively in Reason?
Cant there be a simple way? Why are the midi channels of the "hardware interface"
not recordable in the sequencer!?

But then again; I love it for every Inch of it ;D

Thnxs Koshdukai & Thnxs Reason; Respect!

So now all of you ReasonHippies know; I can go back on designing Drums!
And watch piano lessons on UT.
Peace out!!!!
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