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Old 2012-11-22, 22:50
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Unless you're a shit hot producer who really can notice the subtleties of differing compressors, eqs and such then VST is no real advantage. The tools within Reason and the REs are more than capable of producing excellent results. For dance music this subtlety is wasted anyway as the music is so throw away. The synths are more than a match for the majority of VST softsynths available.

Having used Cubase, Logic, Ableton a bit (learning it slowly) Reason is by far the easiest to get to grips with, especially if you're used to a hardware studio. Logic is an awful programme but probably produces the best sound but you'll have torn all your hair out by then or given up making music. Ableton has all the tools, more so than Reason if I'm honest, but it's work flow is no where near as simple as Reason.

The best option is Reason with a 'lite' version of another DAW with Rewire to cover the VST angle if that's a must. I have Reaper but never got round to learning it. Ableton, which I now use, is more friendly.
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Old 2012-11-22, 23:23
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If I go for Balance, do I need a MIDI interface as well?
Old 2012-11-23, 00:00
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Originally Posted by jwh1
FL Studio 10, Studio One, Ableton, compared to Reason 6.5, I would like some thoughts as to what's the better bang for my money, taking into account, learning curve, production values, ease of use, if I'm going to spend around £400...
Most DAW programs can be found on the secondary market for less than retail.

I say most because some, like Sonar & FL Studio, have non-transferable licenses. The others that you mention can be transferred, so there's a market for them.

If you're looking specifically for Reason, you can try here in the general forum. For Reason + others, I suggest the KVR marketplace, and Ableton's B/S/T forum.

Also, wrt Reason... depending on what features your really want, you can buy typically buy an older version for some saving, and upgrade it if / when needed. In this case, look for V4 or V5 to get the main instruments, and ReWire into Sonar for audio recording, etc.
Old 2012-11-23, 00:05
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You'd need a USB port to plug your midi controller into the PC
Scientific Funk & Cactus Jack - deep house, tech-house and techno
Old 2012-11-23, 00:44
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I think I've made up my mind, for both the software and hardware reasons,
and the way people on this forum respond, pretty helpful I'd say !!!
Looks like balance with Reason Essentials, and the Reason 6.5 upgrade, in for a penny as they say !!!!!!


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