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Old 2012-11-24, 21:09
Teddymau5y Teddymau5y is offline
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Exclamation My license ID for my upgrade to reason 6.5 from essentials won't work

So I got the upgrade for reason essentials to reason 6.5 and my upgrade ID wont work I think it might be because it is divided by a - sign for example 1234-45 wouldn't work becasue it was divided if it is the problem what do I do?
Old 2012-11-24, 21:48
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Try it without the hyphens (-)

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Old 2012-11-24, 21:52
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I didn´t go through this process quite some time but according to the registration page you´ve to enter
the Upgrade ID like this 123456 no - sign in between.
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