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Old 2012-11-26, 00:32
rogerlevy rogerlevy is offline
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Add option to "replace" or "overdub" to sequencer

Those Dub/Alt buttons are horrible. Who wants to have to create entirely new note lanes to overdub or, if you want to do a new take, either create an entire note lane devoted to that take, or stop/undo/rewind (clunky)?

The Dub button is useless because that is currently take care of when you hit record when the playhead is over an existing clip. I never use it. When I want a new lane I just right click and make one.

The Alt button is useless because you can end up with dozens of bad takes all consuming an entire note lane. Which you then have to clean up. I never use this one either.

Ok, I RARELY use them. I could count the times on one hand.

Just bring back the Overdub mode switch. When off, on clicking record create an empty clip overtop whatever is there. When on use the current behavior. Let me create new note lanes manually. (I should add, there's no reason you couldn't keep the Dub/Alt buttons around and just add a Replace switch and make that the "abberant" mode, there's plenty of room in the transport bar)

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