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Originally Posted by something View Post
Actually i though i'm the only one finding Dubstep probably the most horrible music genre ever created (if you actually can call it "music" anyway).
Dubstep is huge lately and i really don't understand why.
It's way too loud, too rough and it's all the same.
Create a simple step beat and add a bunch of "wahwahwahwahwah" sounds and turn the gain full to the max.

Here is Deadmau5 about Dubstep...

I watched the video and I don't think Deadmau5 said anything like you said here (dubstep isn't music). I think he was talking about the amature engineers who kill the dynamics of their music. He talks about how there's no dynamics left in the music because of brickwall limiting being over done.
I myself am not a huge fan of dubstep but can see what others may like about it. As far as I'm concerned the OP doesn't consider dubstep music but others do. Some don't like spicy food and others (like myself) do. People have asked me before "how can you enjoy spicy food, it doesn't make sense to me" and I myself wonder how people can enjoy food that doesn't have a "kick" to it. It all boils down to taste.

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