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Old 2012-11-26, 11:27
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Originally Posted by RasCricket View Post

This place is an interesting forum, wouldn't you agree?

The most professional mixing engineer could come in here and basically say "What's all the fuss about RE's? Why are you guys arguing? The RE format is basically for people working on 10 track or less songs. Why argue?"

That guy could come in and tell us all that ~ would it change your tune?

Thats pretty much the situation.
Listen I watched your video on Neptune and its interesting. But i dont understand what you mean with the 10 tracks. I dont even know howmany tracks are normally in a project i make. But i can tell you its way more then 10. Professional mixing engineer, is something that is odd to me. Some professional engineers make music that SUCKS. My goal is not to become an audio engineer like today. My goal is to make up a totaly new kind of music. I have been working on this for 10 years. I work 40 hours a week at my deskjob just to make enough money to sustain my dream. I need another 10 years atleast before i am where i want to be. I dont have a girlfriend at the moment, and i choose to leave it like that. I want to invest as much time and money in music production as is possible. I live cheap and invest and invest and invest, not only money but also almost all my spare time is dedicated to music. I learn guitar every day and have lessons, i play my keyboard everyday to learn.

Im just saying, I dont know why people dont have some patience, but i am realistic. It will take me time before i am where i want to be. And as long as I am not where i want to be, these RE's and their seemingly small issues (i dont have thatmany crashes with RE's, heck i have had one in the beta period). Will be solved a long time before I have gained all the knowledge to do what i want.

Thats why i dont mind if it takes another year before everything runs perfect. In the meanwhile i can fool around with the many new RE's and learn how they function and what tricks i can apply.

I am sorry for anyone that has problems with the res, but when i read someone is using a Pentium 4 on reason 6.5. then it means you just dont understand that that causes problems. Running windows XP is one of the biggest mistakes one can make these days. Since windows XP does not receive updates anymore from microsoft this means your computer is a hazard for the internet. Your computer is most likely to be used by botnets and in cyber attacks.

I am running Windows 8 Pro on a Core i7 920 @ 2.73ghz, 18gb of mem, 6tb of hdd, 128gb ssd. I keep my pc up to date all the time. It runs very smooth, but my pc is over 3 years old. And usually i replace my pc every year. But thisone just keeps running, and it runs fast, so fast in fact that i dont need to replace it for once. Thats why i recently added 12 gb of ram and an SSD, the difference is like day and night!

Tell me guys, why is it that i dont have all the issues you guys are having? Why do some people always seem to have problems with their computers? I know why I dont have the problems..

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Originally Posted by RasCricket View Post
My sentiments as well.

You really should react less to anything I say. I find it very odd you feel such a need to challenge me all the time. Issues for sure.
I'll always call people on their BS, sorry man that I can't change.
Read what I posted betore you snapped back homeboy. Wasn't anything "personal" in there.

There's no argument to be had here. Reason works fine for me. Others seem to have issues....sooo
Ill say it again, SHARE info.
Post up test tracks or songs so that guys like me with no DSP issues and guys like you that do have them can collaborate on the issue until somewhere someone figures out more on the issue or, we expose the culprit.(OS, drivers etc)

It's the only way real way to help anyone. But you only wanna talk that dumb shit....
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