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Old 2012-11-22, 20:25
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The 'big guys' use solid glass, two layers, at different angles and with different thicknesses. Watching these go in is especially interesting! :-)
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Old 2012-11-22, 21:30
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Sound Studio Construction on a Budget
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DIY with small two small pieces of plexi (different thicknesses, as selig said) with an air gap might do. Angle them slightly so they're not at 90 degree angles, iirc.

However, there's a better solution: LCD monitors are cheap and so are cameras. Or you can get internet tablets for under a hundred dollars now. If you really need to see each other, why not set up monitor with webcam, or better yet, a pair of tablets running a facetime type of app? No construction work to be done, no big reflective surface messing up your soundproofing, and no hole cut in the wall letting sound through between rooms.
Old 2012-11-23, 01:50
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Originally Posted by sagana33 View Post
It's hard enough to get a small space to be _really_ soundproof.
This is very true. If you don't acoustically treat the booth correctly you'll end up with a boxy and hollow sounding vocal.
Old 2012-11-23, 02:12
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Originally Posted by Burnet23 View Post
hello , building my booth in my new studio, was wondering do anyone know where I can buy a window for it already made n ready to insert in wall of my booth making it possible to view booth to control room and vice versa? like pre fabricated
Windows can pose sound quality issues. Due to sound isolation and reflections. If not done right.

You can also go the camera small tv route as well. That is what I'm doing.
Old 2012-11-26, 01:39
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Originally Posted by jlgrimes View Post
Windows can pose sound quality issues. Due to sound isolation and reflections. If not done right.

You can also go the camera small tv route as well. That is what I'm doing.

what just a webcam, I have a 50in tv in my studio what cam would u sugggest
Old 2012-11-26, 02:59
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Webcam is a great idea. Will save you a lot of money.

Building a studio costs money. You usually build a wooden frame, on which you attach layers of material. The last studio I built was the size of a small bathroom. Just the barium sulfate rolls cost me over $2000.
Barium sulfate is the stuff they use in airport walls.
It's incredibly heavy (more than 120 kilos in that case if I remember). You must then attach the thick and ultra heavy barium sulfate sheets onto your wooden frame.
Great results!
But then you have to fight for any tiny breach, above or below the sheets. Just a minor cut, or tiny, tiny opening, is enough to nuke all the benefits of your efforts.

So, really, cutting a window in one of these walls would 1) be very messy 2) add exactly what you don't want -- a leak!
Old 2012-11-26, 18:35
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Originally Posted by Burnet23 View Post
what just a webcam, I have a 50in tv in my studio what cam would u sugggest
Honestly, all I did was go to a pawn shop and buy some of the cheapeast cameras I could find. One was night vision which makes the video looks a little funny but it does the job. The cameras I bought went for about $25-$50. I wasn't too concerned with picture quality since I just want to visually cue people in or see if they are too close far from mic or something.

The big thing is that it needs the yellow video RCA output and you need a TV that supports that input.

I bought a $200 flat screen TV for the booth monitor. It is a very small TV (Maybe 15 inches), but that was in 2008 when flat screen TVs were very expensive. now you could probably get a pretty big TV for that price now (or spend less if you want a small one).

My control room monitor is a little trickier. I am using a 30 inch HDTV/PC monitor with PIP support.

The monitor I use for Reason also doubles as my vocal booth monitor. When I want to monitor the booth, a small picture comes up in the lower corner of the screen. I can also move this picture around the monitor with the remote control, if I want to see more than Reason.

The hard part is finding a HDTV that supports all of the features I needed. I originally had an older 30 inch Dell which had better PIP/POP functionality (my newer TV don't even support POP) but it was only 720p which was great until newer VSTs and programs started to adopt more higher resolution graphics which forced me to upgrade to 1080p.

I had a hard time finding a 1080p HDTV that supported PIP/POP due to lack of demand of customers needing PIP/POP (which is more of a late 90s/early 2000s kind of thing).

I ended up finding a TV that supported PIP that I think came from India or China (had to use a special power converter to even plug it in). I couldn't find this product at any stores in Atlanta Georgia at least. I had to mail order it off of Amazon.

But now I should be fine until manufactures/developers decides that 1080p isn't enough and go to even higher resolution standards.

It also limits my choice of Computers as well to a degree. I was interested in a newer Imac but its built-in screen takes up so much clutter that I would have to wall mount the TV or something. So I am either thinking of a Mac Mini, MacBook, or a PC desktop of some sort maybe) but any all in one setup for me is asking for trouble.

By the way I got this idea from a Big Time Studio I went to about 10 years ago. They weren't using glass windows but monitors and they mentioned that glass has sound quality issues (extra reflections to worry about and some sound isolation leakage), but to be fair if you are using the old style TVs (which I am pretty sure they were back then), They would emit a 15khz whine. I don't think HDTVs have this problem though.

Depending on your budget though, make sure you really think your booth project through. I kind of wish I wouldn't have went for a rectangular room after hindsight but we ran out of money and had to compromise.

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