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Old 2012-11-26, 21:09
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Originally Posted by PsyTale View Post
Its not really that simple, you need to assign your inputs to the correct channels/lanes, and need to enable the record buttons on the channels otherwise it would just record one lane on one input. Be sure to look at the mono/stereo settings before you hit record. I have a stereo mic and often forget this then i recorded my guitar and suddenly i notice its mono, waste of valuable time
Yeah you're absolutely right, I was momentarily overcome by a massive bout of optimism
Old 2012-11-26, 21:26
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Originally Posted by jonmaybey View Post
Yeah you're absolutely right, I was momentarily overcome by a massive bout of optimism
That is good
Old 2012-11-27, 01:08
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I have Record if you want to buy it, unlimited multitracking, you are only limited by your Interface and computer processing power of which mine is less than good...................

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