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OSX trackpad behaviour


New OSX versions introduced what I feel is an awkward behaviour of the trackpad, the so called natural scrolling, which would be natural on a touch screen, but is totally illogical using a mouse or a trackpad..

The problem is that if I uncheck this option at an os level, Reason's behaviour doesn't follow, so that I'm finding myself uncomfortable with zooming in and out using gestures on mighty mouse or MBP trackpad..

Would it be possible to implement a switch to invert Reason's behaviour WRT this?


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what OS?

I'm on 10.7 and its fine.

wht i mean is that i've got it turned off in OSX and its off in Reason as well.

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How long have you been using Lion? I think that's when this was introduced?

I don't even notice anymore, though I HATED it when it first came out lol.
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I'm quite always up to date, apart from about a month to let big showstoppers come out.. I have turned it off, and scrolling in Reason follows this behaviour. it's command+two fingers drag with magic mouse or trackpad that doesn't make much sense to me: if i keep the "natural" scrolling setting then zooming is intuitive (to me at least: drag to the right => zoom in and drag down => zoom in vertical) otherwise it's zooming out when dragging to the right and out vertical when dragging down.. Is it just me? I know it's a matter of preference, but I feel like it's upside down.. Of course I can get used to it, but after three months or so spending a lot of time in front of Reason, I still find myself zooming the wrong way..

Sorry, I should have specified in original post that the problem here is about zooming, not about scrolling. I mean, Reason follows Os setting for scrolling, but in my opinion shouldn't follow OS behaviour when zooming. I hope I made myself clear..

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i think its always been that way?

i didn't notice a change when i moved over to lion anyway. been a while now so i can't remember but i'm sure i didn't notice anything and i've had the screwy scrolling turned off since day 1.

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