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Fresh Rebirth Perspective

Took me awhile, but got Rebirth working through Reason on my PC (32 bit mode Reason). The main issue with Rebirth is it doesn't allow more than one midi controller at a time. To control the 909, an 808 and a 303, I want to use 3 Trigger Fingers or a midi controller that looks like a 303 or an 808 or the 909. Of course, 4 controllers is ideal.

Since it will only allow 1 controller, I'm thinking that I might need Ableton Live to receive notes from multiple controllers as learned instruments, combine them into one signal and output that to control Rebirth.

I want to be able to program on the fly.

Another issue is it would be nice to have a visual representation of the 303's! You can get this with the 303 Refill, but it doesn't sound the same.

I have the iPad Rebirth but I still prefer the PC version. You just can't beat the sound of the program, the delays, the distortion, etc. It would be nice to be able to push it even further.

I cannot get the Mac version to work on OSX, which sucks.

I think a Rack Extension would be great if you could enter midi notes in or use the step sequencers.

All of this is hokum. It should be available. Rebirth should have waveforms in Reason that could be chopped up or even better, run through limiters, Maximizers, EQs, etc!

By the way, if you work at Propellerheads, I have a Diploma in Interactive Design and I submitted a résumé.

Great to hear Roland is on board. An R70 Rack Extension/ Rebuild is in order, too! Even NIN frontman Trent Reznor is on record saying it sounds great but it is clunky to work with.

Mark Bishop

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