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Old 2012-06-27, 01:46
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I agree 100% I love Reason 6.5 but has complete slowed down My work flow. it lags a little too much .I have 8 gb of RAM,QUAD CORE INTEL and tried everything found on threads to get more out of REASON.

I was so exited to play around but I spend too much of my time worrying about adding sounds and effects that I know will slow everything else down.

I still like REASON but I'm frustrated that "the software is getting in the way of my music"

bought the software 3 days ago

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Old 2012-06-27, 01:52
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Old 2012-07-05, 17:21
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macbook pro 2011, i5 2.3, 8gb...
if I work on bufer 512 and 44100 when DSP big - in System monitor CPU load - 40-60% free!!! and 2,5gb of 8gb RAM free..
if i setup 16Gb RAM - its can help?

I understand, that in peek of DSP my dual i5 work only on 50%. Ram have 1/3 free space. SSD hard have 15gb free.
How i can get more DSP?


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Old 2012-07-09, 03:30
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I haven't had problems with reason 6.5 itself, but the rack extensions are crashing my system after i'm about 8 tracks deep, and have only used RE's on a few tracks.

-Macbook pro 2.2 ghz dual core
-2gb ram
Old 2012-07-10, 02:43
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Originally Posted by tonalaxis View Post
How much ram can you put in?? As I've said before more ram will help out considerably.
Have things changed? I haven't looked into the RAM vs CPU relationship in ages, but I thought Reason used RAM primarily for loading samples, and if you're using minimal samples and just a bunch of synths/FX the RAM usage isn't too bad, more heavy on the CPU usage.

Definitely check your resource monitor before running out and slapping a bunch of RAM in. However, if your tunes are sample heavy, then I'd say it's a pretty safe bet that more RAM would help, just not sure by how much.

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Old 2012-11-29, 21:28
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I can max out my i7 4.5-5.0ghz 3770k with 16gb of ram running 64bit windows7/64 bit reason 6.5 with about a dozen available reracks at my disposal once I am at the 75-85% completed track mark - including the uberhoggin TSAR 1R verb (the other one is kinda an overkill and for specialized spatial effects and breakdown drop-usage in my opinion, not worth 200$ or whatever bc you can easily emulate its effects with proper verb effect stackage and automation). Granted I make minimal/progressive dance music so the automation requirements (usually simultaneously x50 separately automated lanes going at the busier moments at the very least). I find the SSL mixer effects cause by far the most underrated increase in DSP CPU usage. I was experimenting with running a current track I am working on that has currently 25ish individual sounds/busses, which combined have probably 125+ track lanes for various automations, and simply using the compressor and gate function on the quad stacked bassline and dual-stacked synth chord lines alone caused an otherwise listen-able mixdown into stuttering mayhem. And this is with a 4.5-5.0ghz i7 3770k and 16gb ram mind you. So, the era of reason being CPU friendly is definitely over ALBEIT it is still wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better at cpu management than any vst/au dominated DAW imho. But it sucks, I dropped 400$ on the chip and another 300$ on my asus pro-v board and now I am thinking I just wasted about a grand and am going to need to upgrade to at least the 6core, if not straight up octo-core, or whatever is the next biggest option. Which then means I will likely have to buy a new mobo as well. so F M L

keep in mind I use the PredRE/ABL2/Antidote synths regularly - more so than thor/mael - and equally to subtractor. So much of my cpu issue is resultant of the newer RE's. If I ONLY used reason software effects and synths, my guess is I would never have this problem. But then my music would suck far more hahahaha. I am waiting for reason to take notes on the third party additions, and bolster their own proprietary software up to the level of Papen/Synapse/Softtube et al.

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Old 2012-11-29, 21:32
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Also, I do believe running 64bit is extremely taxing on cpu usage. But most newer plugins/software requires 64bit, esp. convolution type effects. So, to consider downgrading to 32bit to save cpu would make zero sense, as the end goal is highest quality recording in my opinion, thus its a no contest 64 vs 32bit.
Old 2013-06-13, 23:39
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Soon as I load my template the dsp is peaked! I cant make any music like this. Help!
Old 2013-08-17, 15:52
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Running on i7 with boost to 3.4 GHz , 16G RAM ddr3 with Props BALANCE and every time I add an instrument I'm my pants if it wont kill the track.
INTEL's Processor monitor and/or cpu usage in task manager shows between 10-20% when R7 is choking on simple song with 2 waves and 10 instruments. Lowered sound quality to minimum, buffer to maximum CPU limit to none to NONE still choppy if I will act like insolent little brat and god forbid add (so far waste of money) uhbik REs.
Funny that same songs on same PC was created without any stress on R 6.5

As a conclusion, I can not finish what i started on 6.5 as it wont play smoothly.

Forgot to mention running on freshly installed win7 with literally nothing cpu consuming installed just reason and win updates also for sake of discussion loaded up huge project on other DAW which name I'll not mention and it is working like a charm.

I bought this fricking expensive laptop for a reason - Reason, now feel like I should pre order ps4 and go back to be adolescent old man hehe.

Well done Props.
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Dell XPS QUAD, 16MB RAM/Balance/Reason 7
ΞE-MU X-Board/Arturia Lab61/AT 2020
Old 2013-09-16, 13:29
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Once i start to use Maximizer from Ozone and ReQ131 my CPU grow from 50% usage to 100% and it laggs now so its impossible for me to make anything. I mean i can do if i will not use things from RE. But then why should i buy anything from RE if it has so big CPU usage? And yes reason is more on CPU than ram based.
Because i remove all my RE pluggins from song and then i slowly start to add them back with ctrl+z and with open task manager my ram stay on same number as before just CPU rise up on 99%...
So i think i need new PC

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