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1. DAW included/in-house spectral imaging (without having to create a bs version via combinator/effects)
2. **Optimize cpu usage via SSL mix compressor/gate components
3. add analog knob (similar to PredRE on back) to proprietary Propellerhead synths and effects
4. dedicated sidechain compressor
5. **a upgraded version of the rv7000 reverse reverb effect (this and the echo roll are two of your most impressive creative algorithms ever encoded IMHO) - a dedicated effect combining the best of both of these and then expanding on this concept would be HEAVENLY
6. clean the "eq" associated with Mclass Limiter (in subtle use, its nearly unnoticable, but when you begin to create severely augmented dynamics, it causes a similar tinniness which is very much present in the Ozotope RE, which is a huge let down on both fronts)
7. ReGroove - so much potential, so difficult to implement into existing midi without completely ruining the swing. im not a noob and I always end up manually inputting swing grooves as result - reason 3.0 had one of the simplest most effective grooves (I believe groove 2 and 3 were ideal for contemporary dance). Bring the simplistic nuances of the old into the new please.
8.**bouncing tracks or similar CPU friendly options when hitting the CPU wall at 90%+ usage
9. dB scaling on mixer levels - the visuals and graphics are entirely too ambiguous throughout the DAW - characteristic of Reason since the beginning, and a big issue to deal with when trying to bridge the learning curve between reason and other software. this would help bring more users over imho.. theres too much mystery to some of the graphics in reason, based on what I have read from "haters" of the software
10. **DEDICATED BRICK WALL FILTERING EFFECT - I hate having to use the stereo imager on HP to effectively brickwall my individual sounds - the HPF/LPF option via the SSL board is great (but does not sound as severe of a shelf, also CPU heavy in regard to all the SSL optioning) but I find that a combination of the two is ideal for handling the panning issues while also shelving the highs and lows.
11. **GROUPING - grouping automated lanes and groups of sounds and their automated lanes into easily mutable subfolders, which comes in handy when you are running 100+ tracks and need to maximize CPU usage towards the last 10-15% of the production process of a given song. You can do this in reaper quite easily. What I want is to be able to easily and quickly mute JUST percussion or JUST synths or JUST Basses or JUST the highs of the percs etc etc you get the point. Right now I have to scroll thru 100+ automation track lanes and individually mute respective lanes with their synth/perc when I need to and its a big time consumption
12. **REWIRE - the digi-interface severely limits the number of tracks you can rewire out to other DAWs. I love reason, but want to be able to use some after market plugs for specific purposes and also use the audio engine of other DAWs on occasion. the limited number of routing busses on the interface prevent me from rewiring the entire song.
13. expand the vocal effects options - stutter effect/syllable cutter/contemporary musical type effects would be a big seller for new users imho

ill think of more - at work right now.. should be working lol

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