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Originally Posted by omshanti20 View Post
It's good that you recognise the difference in sound presentation (monitors vs headphones) as you can anticipate this and make allowances. In a sense all mixing is a compromise between different playback speakers (monitors, hi-fi, earbuds, computer speakers, etc.) so your own monitors and headphones are two points on a scale of reference...and you understand how they are different from each other.

A long-term solution is to purchase monitors and headphones that sound similar - I'm using Focal CMS40's and AKG K701's...not cheap but each sounds good and there isn't too much difference when switching between the two.

One advantage of your systems sounding different is that you will pick out different details in the mix...ideally the mix should sound great on both. My experience is that headphones are good for judging details (reverb tails, fine EQ, panning) whilst monitors give an overall impression of vibe, power and musicality. YMMV.

Most people in the know will finish the mix on monitors rather than 'phones.
Good luck and don't forget some room treatment : )
Thanks for your reply, I thought I had a good set of monitors and phones ?
should I look at changing them, or learn to work with them ?
One last question, should I have it sounding better through monitors
or through phones, as that's what most people listen to music with


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