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Frequency Analyzer/EQ

Where is it? I'm surprised that Reason has gone through so many editions without the addition of a frequency analyzer/EQ combo. The FL Studio EQ is so nice compared to the MC EQ in Reason.

It's awful trying to use a vocoder as a frequency analyzer and then taking the time to 'guess' which bands correspond to what frequencies. I am just as much a visual learner as an auditory one.

Why not just make it a quick and easy process?
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yup we need a spectrum analysis
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Lightbulb freq on the main mix board ?

i was hoping they put a small freq analyzer on each channel of the main mixer.

this way at a glance we could see where what frequencies lay across the mix if we are looking for an offending treble frequency ...

it would be exactly where the current vu strip is ..

although if it was situated as its own section we could see the amplitude and the frequency above and below each other .
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It takes too long with the Analyzer...
I've bought a second RME HDSP

RME have a Software that is called DIGICHECK


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