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Old 2012-12-04, 17:28
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yes it makes sense.. of course!

but, what will be reduced if you pull down the master fader?
no damping?

if we pull down the master fader, to have no clipping on the DA-Converters..
we reduce also the RMS-Power of the track, or?

and we reduce it to only handle the clipping? right?
i dont know what exactly is happend if we do that..
but i have mixed for 10 years with an analogue mixer ..

there is nearly unlimited headroom in the SSL Mixer/Bus/Master?

i can pull up all SSL faders to the max valve (16 channels) and have the same result by pulling down the master fader,.. as i would mix like analogue with no clipping in the Master Channel, and no pulling it down?

i have the same sound? in both variations?

is this a wonder or "make a wish" mixer, or what?
somehow I can not believe this

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