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Aha.. Apparently via iTunes now.. Wasn't possible before from what I understood. Aside from ringtones, any other thoughts or does the iPhone get the general consensos?

Here's what I found:

Open iTunes, go to the iTunes menu and select Preferences.
Click on the General button and click the Import Settings button.
From the pick-list next to “Import Using” select AAC Encoder. Click the OK button. Click the OK button a second time to exit out of Preferences.
Play the .mp3 song file you want to convert in order to identify the 20-30 section of the song which you’d like to use for the ringtone. Specifically, you’ll need to write down the start and end time of your desired section. You can do this by watching the timer that iTunes displays near the top of its window.
Click once on the mp3 song file and go to the File menu and select Get Info
Click on the Options button so you can enter the Start and Stop times to set the 20-30 section that you want to become your ringtone.
Go to the Advanced menu and select Create AAC version. This will cause a duplicate copy of the song file to be created. This duplicate copy will only be the length you selected when you set the Start and Stop times.
Before you forgot, return to the original mp3 song file and clear the Start and Stop times. You don’t need to re-enter the original times. I simply leave these fields blank and iTunes will automatically know to play the entire song.
Click on the newly created AAC song file to select it.
Go to the File menu and select Reveal in Finder. This will open a Finder window showing you this AAC song file. Leave this window open. We’ll return to it in just a minute.
Go to iTunes and make sure your AAC song file is selected.
Go to the Edit menu and select Delete.
You may be asked if you’re sure you want to remove this file from your iTunes Library. You’re sure so click the Remove button.
Next, you’ll be asked, “Do you want to move the selected song to the Trash, or keep it in the iTunes Media folder?”. Click the Keep File button.
Return to the Finder window that you left open. You’ll see the AAC version of the song file. You can identify it since its filename ends with .m4a file.
Change .m4a to .m4r
Drag this .m4r file onto the iTunes on the Dock. This will import this .m4r file into iTunes and it’ll show up in the ringtones section.
Sync your iPhone and make sure that you’ve selected to sync all Ringtones. This will add the ringtone to your iPhone. Then you can assign it to a particular person listed in Contacts.

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