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Talking I wanna thank Timothy Self and Leo

You guys are great people at Propellerhead keep moving forward. Honestly every employee this goes for you from an Audio Engineer. Thank you I appreciate the time I got to spend over there I hope you enjoy my Demos, sorry to come on such a short notice. I love the gifts maybe in a few years you guys hire a young kid like me to work for a growing independent company. I greatly appreciate the time I spent not so much the wheather.

I love you all and I mean this from the bottom of my heart,


P.s I will be back in Norway this spring I hope to see you guys again.....maybe when it's sunny and the grass and trees are sprouting! Oh and I will have a much larger variety of music for you Propellerhead. Dubstep and electonica! It was an honor once again.
Waterman, Nathaniel

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